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Pure Relaxation at Falcon Dental Care

The Ultimate Care Experience in Falcon

IV sedation, also known as ‘sleep dentistry’, allows nervous patients to relax during treatment

Dental phobia is no laughing matter. In fact, fear of the dentist is one of the most common reasons why people delay their care. At Falcon Dental Care, our Falcon family dentists strive to make your experience one that’s as relaxing as possible. Just one of the ways we do this is by providing sleep dentistry solutions.

Should You Request Sleep Dentistry?

Are you putting dental treatments off because of anxiety or fear? We’re happy to make sleep dentistry available to overcome past experiences that stand in the way of future dental care. We typically recommend sedation solutions for individuals with:

  • A fear or phobia of visiting a dental practice
  • A desire to overcome a previous negative care experience
  • A need for more complex procedures
  • A desire to complete all of their treatment at one time
  • A preference to “nap” through the entire visit

Our Falcon dentists will thoroughly review your medical and dental history to help you identify which type of sleep dentistry is most appropriate. We offer both IV sedation and general anaesthesia (GA).

In-house IV Sedation

IV sedation delivers medication straight into your bloodstream for simple, predictable results. It almost feels as if you’ve just fallen asleep. It’s an incredibly safe option that can be provided right here in our Falcon dentist practice.

Advanced General Anaesthesia (GA)

GA is usually preferred when the deepest level of sedation is necessary, such as for longer procedures or individuals with special needs. The safe, deep sedative suppresses your respiration so that a breathing tube is required. Contact Falcon Dental Care in Falcon today to find out how sleep dentistry can help you conquer your anxiety to enjoy a healthy smile! Financing options are available.


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