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Caring Dentistry in Falcon

The Falcon family dentists at Falcon Dental Care provide the latest state-of-the-art oral health services to your family. We enjoy caring for individuals of all ages, including children and seniors.

At your first appointment, one of our treatment coordinators will meet with you to show you around our practice and understand any concerns that you may be seeing us for.


Then we’ll have you complete a series of forms on an iPad so that we can review your health history to better relate to your specific needs.


You're our primary focus

We make every effort to see you as quickly as possible, but refreshments and magazines are available in our reception area for you to enjoy if you find yourself waiting. In most cases, you will want to set aside approximately 40 minutes for your first appointment with us.


First, one of our dentists will come out to meet you and escort you back to the consultation or exam room. He or she will discuss any concerns that you may have, review your health history and assess your situation. Depending on whether or not any treatment is necessary, one of our treatment coordinators will then meet with you to discuss what options or payment plans are available.

Sit back and relax

It’s normal for some people to feel nervous about seeing the dentist. That’s why our Falcon practice offers comfortable nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) to calm your mind. You can request it at any time. Other types of sleep dentistry are also available.

Each of our caring dentists and welcoming staff is dedicated to helping you feel at ease. Please let us know how we can make your visit a positive one! Contact Falcon Dental Care today to get started.

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