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Orthodontics in Mandurah
Teeth Straightening at Falcon Dental Centre

Aligning your teeth does more than just improve the cosmetics of your smile. Orthodontic therapy can help them function properly and make oral hygiene easier so that there are fewer problems in the future.

At Falcon Dental Centre, our Mandurah family dentists make it simple for you to enjoy healthy, straight teeth.

We Offer Several Options 

When it comes to your oral health, you deserve options. Choosing the best type of braces for your smile will depend on your long-term goals and dental health. Some of the orthodontic choices that we offer to you include

Clear Aligners at Halls Head Dental
  • Invisalign®

    • These removable aligners are made of clear plastic so that they are practically invisible once they’re placed over your teeth. You can conveniently remove the aligners when you need to brush, floss or enjoy your favourite snack.

  • Quick Straight Teeth™

    • Choose between removable aligners or fixed, clear braces with brackets and wires. With Quick Straight Teeth™, you can align your teeth quickly to enhance their appearance when you smile.

  • Traditional Braces

    • Conventional orthodontics are perfect for adults or children with more complex corrective bite needs.

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